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Exxe Hair is a company that has been created by an expert doctor who has trained himself with the best in the world in the field of hair transplantation, and tries to help people who want to have hair transplantation with a visionary, dynamic and innovative team.

Although our doctor has 10 years of experience, he is ready to help you as a person who develops himself on hair transplantation and raises a team. Our vision is to achieve the results desired by our patients with the right hair transplant plan and effective treatments by working as a boutique and taking special care of our patients.

Which Country We Work?
Although we recruit patients from many countries, we work intensively with European countries. At the same time, patients are available in our service area from Turkey.

  • Free consultation
  • Painless hair transplant
  • There is no scar
  • 100% natural look
  • Guaranteed results
  • Quick appointments


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