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Hair transplant with DHI technique service clinic in Turkey

Before hair transplant with DHI technique, we need to explain well FUE technique, which has been added to the developing technologies in the field of hair transplantation, is an effective technique applied for hair grafts extracted. In addition, the FUE technique has been an application that completed the FUT technique in purchase.

As EXXE Hair, our aim in DHI hair transplantation; It is to provide natural hair for person with latest hair transplant techniques.

What is the DHI (Choi-Pen) technique?
DHI technique: A devise called Choi Pen is used, which helps to open the channel and place the greft at the same time between the existing hair. With the DHI technique, recovery is faster and the bleeding is not intense. DHI technique is a special technique used to obtain higher density, or to make densification between the existing hairs by protecting them.

What is the advantage of the DHI technique?
In transplantation with the DHI (Choi-Pen) technique, it offers the opportunity to protect fully existing strong hair. In this way, a dense appearance is obtained when the transplanted hair and your existing hair are combined.

How is the hair grafts extraction done with the FUE technique?
Before hair grafts extration step, the operation starts with a local anesthesia applied to the donor area to be taken. Afterwards, the extraction step is started by stretching the skin of the donor area with medical liquid.

The FUE technique is separated from a single skin with the shots made to the hair grafts with a special machine. The targeted number of hair graft is tried to be reached by collecting one of the technicians in the hair transplant team.

Feature of the FUE technique; It helps to work extensively in the donor area. It prevents a formation such as scar or surgery scar. It helps to remove the roots without breaking them.

In which conditions is the DHI Technique applied?
The DHI technique is a transplantation technique used to protect the existing strong hair. In this way, your strong hair is protected and your secrecy is eliminated with the hair follicles planted between the hair.

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