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Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most preferred treatment methods, especially by women. Since women regularly and constantly take their eyebrows, an event called crossing occurs in their eyebrows. In addition, eyebrows can be lost due to trauma, burns and accidents. Eyebrow transplantation is also applied successfully in these patient groups.

As EXXE Hair, our aim in eyebrow transplantation; It is to provide natural eyebrow for person with latest eyebrow transplant techniques.

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the operations that has been developed with new technology in recent years, and is density preferred by people who have few or no eyebrow.

How is eyebrow transplantation performed?
Eyebrow transplantation operation is carried out with the logic of FUE hair transplantation. The procedure performed under local anesthesia takes up to 3-4 hours. In eyebrow transplantation, grafts taken from the nape area are used. These grafts must be placed in a certain angle and direction in the area to be transplanted.

Does eyebrow transplantation help shape?
With this method, it is possible to give the desired shape to the eyebrow. Blunting the pointed eyebrow, making the head thick, and giving a straight shape to the curved eyebrow can be done during eyebrow transplantation.

Important information you need to know in eyebrow transplantation
It starts to grow 3 months after transplantation. Eyebrows take their final shape after about 7-8 months. Hair grafts planted in the eyebrow part begin to shed after 15 days and the shedding process continues for 3 months.

During eyebrow transplantation, as the root is taken from the hair in the neck, they grow as fast as hair. For this reason, it is beneficial to correct the ends by cutting at 15-day intervals. At the end of a year, the eyebrows adapt to the characteristics of the place where they are transplanted and their growth rate slows down. The need for trimming is reduced. After 1 year, as the eyebrows will begin to acquire the characteristics of the place where they are transplanted, their elongation speed will slow down and the need for correction will gradually decrease.

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