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Sapphire hair transplant with FUE technique service clinic in Turkey

The FUE technique, which has been added to the developing technologies in the field of hair transplantation, is an effective technique applied for hair graft extracted. In addition, the FUE technique has been an application that completed the FUT technique in purchase.

As EXXE Hair, our aim in Sapphire FUE hair transplantation; It is to provide natural hair for person with latest hair transplant techniques.

How is the hair follicle extraction done with the FUE technique?
Before hair graft extration step, the operation starts with a local anesthesia applied to the donor area to be taken. Afterwards, the extraction step is started by stretching the skin of the donor area with medical liquid.

The FUE technique is separated from a single skin with the shots made to the hair grafts with a special machine. The targeted number of hair grafts is tried to be reached by collecting one of the technicians in the hair transplant team.

Feature of the FUE technique; It helps to work extensively in the donor area. It prevents a formation such as scar or surgery scar. It helps to remove the roots without breaking them.

What is the sapphire technique?
Sapphire technique; It is a sapphire-tipped blade used to re-create a hair channel in the area to be transplanted. Thanks to this sapphire blade, a dense and newly designed hair transplantation is performed by creating a channel where the hair can enter instead of the closed hair channels. Transplant technicians place the hair grafts one by one into the channels opened with a sapphire blade.

What is the advantage of the Sapphire technique?
In transplantation with the sapphire technique, the density is more appropriate and a new hair design is more comfortable to create.

In which conditions is the Sapphire Technique applied?
Sapphire technique is generally used on completely bald heads. In addition, it can also be applied in cases where we ignore the weak hair that we expect to shed in the future.

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