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The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

The first step to regain your new hair with EXXE Hair

Today, the most important factor for people who want to have a hair transplant to have a correct hair transplant plan is to meet with the doctor face to face.

Of course, this is a difficult situation for our patients coming from abroad. For a general information before this situation, we ask for photos from each of our overseas patients to see the current hair condition. These photos are sent to our doctor and we create a preliminary operation plan and send it to our patients.

If our patients want to continue with us in line with this information, the day of operation and consultation are determined.

Live Check and Consultation in the Clinic

Our patients who want to come to the clinic and start the operation enter a free consultation with the doctor in our clinic on the evening of arrival. The actual operation plan of our patients is based on the previous diagnosis information and the consultation time is determined precisely.

Our patients receive doctor consultation and pre-diagnosis information free of charge. After the operation plan is finalized and accepted by patient, the full payment is collected from them in cash.

After the Diagnosis is sent to you, you can contact our patient representative to answer your questions 24/7.

We are waiting for you to make your wish come true.

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