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Hair transplantation can be expressed as “the permanent solution to the hair loss problem”. Hair transplant operation, on the other hand, can be defined as a microsurgical operation performed in a hospital environment, and what is meant by the expression of micro surgery operation is to perform hair transplantation with much less interventions than a normal operation in hair transplantation.

As EXXE Hair, our aim in hair transplantation; It is to provide natural hair for person with latest hair transplant techniques.

Hair Transplant for Men
Genetic hair loss occurs in men. It constitutes a hair transplant solution to solve this problem. So how does hair transplant work in men?

Hair Transplantation Process for Men
The beginning of the operation process of men begins with the arrangement of a correct plan. Once the operation plan is finalized with your doctor, you are ready to begin the procedures for the operation.

Two techniques are used in hair transplant planning for men. These two techniques;

– Sapphire technique
– DHI technique

The determination of these two techniques is determined by certain factors such as the level of hair loss, whether existing strong hair is protected or not.

The difference between Sapphire and DHI technique is as follows:
Sapphire technique is the technique used for completely bald hair or weak hair that is certain to be lost in the future. The DHI technique is applied to protect the existing strong hair of transplant area and to fill the gaps between the hair.

Considering to the above information, the donor areas of people who want to have hair transplantation are completely shaved. Shaving or cutting the planted area depends on the operation technique. The operation time takes between 6-8 hours. The reason for this is that factors such as the width of the transplantation area, the targeted number of hair grafts, scalp condition determine this period.

It is an effective but long process for men to solve their hair problems with hair transplantation. While the responsibility in the operation depends on the hair transplant team and the doctor. The responsibility of protecting your hair with various treatments for effective results after the operation is up to the people themselves. If hair transplantation is a team job, the person who decides to have an operation is now part of the team.

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