Hair Transplant Process

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It is an important criterion for our patients to inform us of their demands in order to understand the priority of people who decide to have hair transplantation and to determine their main problems.

In order to take the right step with our patients, you must first contact us and provide us with the following information completely.

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Age
  • Did you ever get hair transplantation before?
  • Your health condition **
  • Information about medication (if you use)

Then, if the photo you need to take is clear and distinct, you need to send your hair and beard under your chin. Respectively;

  • Donor area (Right, Left, Back)
  • Planting area (Front, Wide angle upper and Top crown)
  • Beard part (under chin area)

Depending on the photos you sent to our contact number for your hair transplant request, a preliminary operation plan will be sent after our doctor’s control.

The operation plan we have sent is made in the context of your photos and to help you with your priority question, and your actual operation plan and preliminary drawing will be finalized during the control with our doctor at the clinic.

Things to do after the (Pre-diagnosis) Operation Plan
After your Diagnosis has been sent to you. Information you will learn;

  • Package price
  • Target number of hair grafts and transplantation technique
  • Our services
  • Required preliminary information (test info, policy, etc.)

After the Diagnosis is sent to you, you can contact our patient representative to answer your questions 24/7.

Start the journey to your New Life
After you have decided to have your hair transplant with us, you need to confirm whether it is suitable for the date you want to come with us. Then you need to get your plane ticket for those days and let us know.

We program the coordination here by giving you step-by-step information on the date of your hair transplant and how we will meet with you before and on the day of arrival.

We are waiting for you to make your wish come true.

  • Free consultation
  • Painless hair transplant
  • There is no scar
  • 100% natural look
  • Guaranteed results
  • Quick appointments


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