Swelling After Hair Transplant

Swelling After Hair Transplant

We would like to prepare for many unusual situations experienced by our patients after hair transplantation. These include swelling after hair transplantation. Hair transplant operation is a long procedure, and we are always in touch to help our patients with any problems or questions within this procedure. But, before the hair transplant operation, we would like to give you detailed information about the procedure. One of this information:

About Swelling After Hair Transplant

Why Does Swelling Occur After Hair Transplantation?

First, it will be the best start to explain how the swelling occurs after hair transplantation. During the hair transplant operation, the medical liquid is injected into the donor area of your head and the transplant area with local anesthesia. These two fluids cause your skin to expand and swell. Local anesthesia is given to prevent regional pain, and the medical fluid is given to help in the opening of the canal and hair follicle extraction.

When Does Swelling Go away after Hair Transplantation?

Feeling pressure on your head at the end of the operation after hair transplantation consists of swelling. These fluids cause edema. For this reason, after the dressing is removed and the area cleaned the day after the operation, a black band is attached to your head area, thus preventing the edema from descending on your face. In the following days, the swelling starts to go away gradually and it is expected to pass within 5 days to 1 week.

What Should Be Done to Relieve Swelling After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant swelling is edema and should be removed from the body as quickly as possible. For this, steroid medicine will be given by the clinic. It is important to use this pill once a day for 4 days after the operation and by following the instructions given by the clinic. We are giving steroid pills to help you get rid of edema faster from your body. Of course, this medicine is not given to a patient with some health problems, such as diabetes. But it is certain that the body will expel it without using it as well as this drug. To help with this, you need to drink more water. Treatment can be done with ice to keep the swelling under control.

Considerations Due to Swelling After Hair Transplantation

– Swelling after the hair transplant operation can disrupt your body balance. For this reason, our patients should move slowly and carefully in the first few days.

– It is aimed to keep it on the head with a black band until the day of washing so that the swelling does not go down to the face. If the swelling persists after cutting and removing the tape, the increase or descent of the swelling to the face can be prevented by applying regional pressure for 3-4 minutes with ice.

– You should not tilt your head forward so that the swelling does not descend on your face.

– Due to swelling, the front lines of the patients in the transplantation area may appear above or crooked. After a few days and the edema disappears, you can see the clear line.


At Exxe Hair, we have explained to you how the swelling occurs after hair transplantation and the points to be considered. You can contact us to get information on any subject related to hair transplantation.

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