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Although women do not need hair transplantation as much as men, many women have a desire for hair transplantation for hair density. For this reason, hair transplantation is considered in women because their hair becomes thinner or the densification decreases.

As EXXE Hair, our aim in hair transplantation; It is to provide natural hair for person with latest hair transplant techniques.

Hair Transplantation in Women
After the women decide on hair transplantation, the most important part is the hesitation that the donor area from which the hair will be taken will be completely shaved. But the real point here is that women need less hair grafts than men. Therefore, it is an easier and adopted technique for women to do by opening a window in the donor area where hair grafts will be taken.

The most suitable technique of hair transplant for women
The most suitable technique of hair transplant for women is the DHI technique. The fact that the DHI technique is the most appropriate technique is due to the fact that women have less hair loss compared to men and the hair loss is not intense. Because, when hair transplantation is performed for women, it is generally necessary to protect the existing strong hair and to transplant in the gaps between the existing hairs.

Cutting the area to be transplanted
Another part that women are worried about is the process of shaving the transplantation area while hair transplantation is performed. However, due to the transplantation to be done with the DHI technique, it will be sufficient to shorten the hair only. There is no need for our female patients to be concerned about this issue.

Considering to this information, women’s hair transplant operation is possible. If you are someone who wants to have a hair transplant. Our team will be pleased to assist you with your requests.

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